PGE Service Map
Pacific Gas and Electric  877-660-6789
SMUD   Sacramento Municipal Utility District
San Diego Gas & Electric    (800) 411-7343
Southern California Gas Company  Customer Service 909-307-7070
Southern California Edison   (800) 655-4555    Various cities:  Need Plate and/or VIN    Various cities:  Need Plate and/or VIN

CA Parking ticket search   

CA Parking ticket search BY COUNTY

Parking ticket look-up  

Alternate Parking ticket look-up     Includes Santa Ana


Smog Check  
Used Vehicle check  

Vehicle Insurance Inquiry


CA Attorney search

CA Business name search  Corporations, LLC’s and Partnershipships

CA Contractor license look-up  

CA Cosmetology License Check

CA Department of Consumer Affairs$.startup .


CA Department of Corrections    Inmate Finder

CA Department of Insurance License Check 

CA Employee Directory by County and City  

CA Employee Salary Search: State County City and University  

CA Business name search  Corporations, LLC’s and Partnerships

CA State employee phone look-up

CA Real Estate, Finance & Appraisers 


CA Recorded Document name search     Deeds, Fictitious names etc

CA Security Guard Verification

CA Sex Offender Search–Megan’s Law

CA Teacher name search 

CA Travel agency search

CA Voter Registration search


National Mortgage Loan Originator search

Concord CA Towed 

Contra Costa County Court search  


Kern County Courts  Civil         Criminal  search  

Los Angeles City Business License Search

Los Angeles City Official Police Garage For Towed vehicles  

Los Angeles County Fictitious Business Name search

Los Angeles County Inmate search

Los Angeles County Traffic Ticket search, need CA DL # and DOB

Los Angeles County Traffic Ticket search by City

Los Angeles County Voter Registration Verification

Los Angeles County Arrest Warrants Search

Los Angeles Towed vehicle auction


Monterey City Parking ticket search  

Monterey County Court search  

Monterey County traffic ticket search     use DL # or Case number from above


Orange County Arrest Warrant Search

Orange County Fictitious Business Name Search

Orange County Inmate Search

Orange County Traffic Tickets 

Oakland Towed Vehicle 


Pasadena Towed Vehicle 

Rancho Cucamonga Parking Tickets     Need Plate

Riverside City ticket search  

Riverside County fictitious name search

Riverside County ticket search  


Sacramento County Employee Salary search

Sacramento County Fictitious Business Name search

Sacramento County Towed Vehicle search  

Sacramento County Traffic Ticket  Search

SMUD   Sacramento Municipal Utility District


San Bernardino Ticket Search     Search by Plate

San Bernardino CAL STATE UNIV Ticket Search   Search by Plate

San Bernardino County Traffic, Civil and Criminal Court

San Bernardino County Fictitious Business Name Search


San Diego Airport Parking search  by Plate:  Ace Parking at (619) 291-1508

San Diego City Parking Ticket search

San Diego County court search  

San Diego County Inmate search

San Diego Fictitious Business Name Search

San Diego, CA   Towed Vehicle Search


San Francisco Civil Court Search 

San Francisco Towed 
San Francisco Parking 
San Francisco Traffic Citations 

San Joaquin Court case search  
San Luis Obispo Traffic Ticket search  
Santa Ana Traffic Ticket search     need Plate
Santa Barbara Traffic Ticket search need DL #
Santa Clara County Court and tickets
Stanislaus County Traffic Ticket Search   search by name
Stanislaus County Traffic Ticket Search    search by name
University of California Directory Search  All UC schools and National Labs
Ventura County Fictitious Business Name Search